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  Dear Friends and Fans of Dorothy Rygg,

Dorothy passed away quietly on Thursday, October 20, 2011 at the age of 91, after a long battle with breast cancer.  She lived a long and happy life and is survived by her two children who reside in southern California.  Dorothy was a lifelong lover and patron of the arts.  Her artwork will be a happy reminder to her posterity of her talents and love of beauty.  If you are interested in more information about Dorothy or her artwork, please email

Thank you for your interest.
  A few words from Dot:        
Dorothy Rygg

My early years were spent in Youngstown, Ohio, a former highly productive steel center located in the northeastern part of the state.  My background features an education from family and teaching.  This allowed only occasional times to devote to painting.  Following retirement, with teaching behind me and two children raised and settled in their lives, I was able once again to let painting back into my life.


First I found myself “dabbling” in water color or oil with an attempt to render subjects somewhat precisely with all details visible.  After some time, I abandoned my camera like interpretations.  I now try to modify what appears to the eye.  I paint rather loosely with small strokes of color.  I find this method somewhat relaxing at this tender age of 88.  I paint with water base oil paints and my subjects vary widely.  I particularly enjoy painting boats, buildings and trees.

I spent several years attending the Palos Verdes Art Center where Lee Kim was my instructor.  He is not only a talented artist himself, but he has talent in instructing, as well.




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